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2014 Winter Group Show

We really didn't know what to expect when we decided to start hosting a winter specialty in conjunction with the Rocky Mountain Cluster. We knew attaching to the enormous cluster (hosted by Colorado Kennel Club & Plum Creek Kennel Club) would probably draw large entries, but we didn't dare dream we would have over 300 entries --- and we came in at 344! And that was without a sweepstakes! We were thrilled that the conformation community was just as excited as we were to showcase our sporting breeds for 5 full days!

Speaking of showcasing, we had our first breed showcase this weekend too. This was a huge undertaking by our President Sally Maxwell, and she went all out! There were 6 large displays showing our breeds doing everything from sitting on laps, to visiting children as therapy dogs, to hunting! It was really cool. There was also a bin, organized by breed, that had a picture and write-up on each breed. A great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about our amazing pups!

As always, we seemed to have endless comments on our rosettes and trophies, even a few of the judges commented that they were some of the nicest he has seen :) You can bet that makes our trophy chair, Jenny Follett, smile big!

A special thank you to everyone that made this day run so smoothly -- Rich & Sharon Kennedy, Bill and Carole Williams, Ginger Sammonds, Bruce McLean, and Janet Birk for ring stewarding, Caroline Acker for manning our catalog sales, Jenny Follett for organizing our trophies and rosettes, Jay Acker for serving as our liaison with CKC and helping everything run perfectly, Angela McLean for writing all our checks, and Sally Maxwell for organizing the breed showcase and chairing another spectacular specialty!

Congratulations to all our winners!

Group 1: Clumber Spanier/ CH Clussexx Over the Legal Limit/ Owner: Joseph & Carla Sanchez

Group 2: Brittany/ GCH Rainbow Splash's Ruggedly Handsome/ Owner: Carolee Douglas, J & A Andras, K Hogan, and A Cone

Group 3: English Springer Spaniel/ CH Foxboro N Shardust Authentic/ Owner: Charles & Ellen Perriera, S & R Dehmel, and S Still

Group 4: English Cocker/ CH Hartsong Kabree High Hopes/ Owner: Sharon Harshorn, Kathleen Moore, and Gail Folan

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